The Armies

Now that I started again in my wargaming hobby, and will have to do a LOT of painting and reworking (I literally tossed everything in plastic bags and then into boxes... it`s a slaughterhouse in there), I`m kind of starting from zero. 

On this page, I`m going to keep a tally of my available forces, together with the occassional group picture as they tend to grow, in an effort to keep myself motivated and see my efforts grow again over time.

The Armies

Age of Sigmar The Empire

Warhammer 40.000 Emperor's Children

Warhammer 40.000 Daemons of Slaanesh

Future War Commander Emperor's Children

Historical Models and other odds and ends

28mm American Civil War Union II Corps, 2nd (Irish) Brigade

28mm Dark Ages Irish SAGA warband

28mm French - Indian Wars

28mm American War of Independence British

Late Romans

My painting tally


6mm Sci-fi Infantry:100
6mm Sci-fi Cavalry: 12
6mm Sci-fi Vehicles: 18
28mm Historical Infantry: 163
28mm Historical Animals: 10
28mm Historical Cavalry: 5
28mm Scenery: 1
30mm Heroic Infantry: 235
30mm Heroic Cavalry: 11
30mm Heroic Monster:3
30mm Heroic Vehicle: 3


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