zondag 24 september 2017

The Haul Report 100

The 100th episode of my weekly colelction gatherings is upon me, and thanks for bearing with me all that time!

Though it isn`t really a spectacular issue this week...

The first thing I purchased is what I call a "bare essential" in the form of 100 metal plates of 25x25 mm.  These are the ones you often see (mostly on my Emperor's Children) under their bases, and serve to be able to transport the models in magnetfoil covered plastic boxes.  This causes less shifting then when just using tissues and the likes, and is easier for larger models then to "pluck out" to many compartments in my KR foams.

The second score of the week was a cheap set of Noise Marines from eBay, consisting of a Doom Siren, a Blastmaster and a Sonic Gun.  They will form the core of the first squad I`m building for them, but they will be needing some serious cover up work and the likes.

Well, that`s it for this week, and until the next time!

Ghost in the Shell

No, not the fantastic anime, but rater the hard received live action movie staring Scarlett Johansson.

But is all this flak necessary?

The story follows in large lines the source material, with Major being the fusion of a human brain into an enhanced cybernetic body.  She works for the anti-terrorist unit Section 9, but she also suffers from hallucinations, called glitches.
However, it soon turns out that these aren`t programming mistakes at all, but her human brain trying to recreate her past, which is totally something else from the stories she has been told about how she came to be...

Now, okay, there is the white-washing thing, something Hollywood is receiving a lot of critique for the past years (and ironically, the Japanese themselves didn`t get the controversy).  But what about the movie itself?
Visually, it`s a stunner, looking like a cleaned-up remaster with Tokyo influences of Blade Runner.  The android / human mixture looks convincing as well, so on that point we are good.

The story? Sure, it isn`t half bad at all if you want to watch a sci-fi movie as relaxation, just like me and the GF did with this flick.  But if you have seen the original anime material, well, it makes it a bit harder to watch it without drawing comparissons.  But if you haven`t, this film is actually good fun.

But there is one thing, and it pains me to say.  Scarlett.  Gorgeous Scarlett.  This movie isn`t her strongest performance to say the least, making Major look more like a walking automaton then an enhance cybernetic uberweapon.

But all in all, it`s rather alright, and definitly not as bad as a lot of "connaisseurs" out there make it out to be. 

zaterdag 23 september 2017

On the Painting Desk 13

Another week gone by, and truth to be told, I haven`t done that much painting wise.

It just was a very "happy" week, and then I`m not camping behind the brushes x-D

But never the less, that doesn`t mean I still got a heap of things going.  I`m currently awaiting a few orders, but after that I`m (trying to) go on a buying break until Crisis is upon us, the first weekend of november.

I hope to grab myself some new inserts for my KR case, as well as some odds and ends to tune my Dark Ages collection mostly, so I`m potting up budget at the moment to that end.

Let`s just hope I get some things finished by next week at least x-D

Vortigern`s Punitive Campaign - Dux Britanniarum AAR

My first Raid tonight in the Dux Britanniarum campaign, and as there was some player reshuffling earlier this week, I ended up facing my previous liege.

Clustfeinad, Legatus of Glouvia, had enough of the catholic faith that had been forced upon him.  After witnessing a heap of Pagan ladies dance naked around tthe may tree, he decided that paganism might be the more intresting religion in the lands, and he duly packed up his belongings and moved west.

Here he found lands that by some obscure right actually belonged to him, the provinces of Duffed and Glywysing, and he decided to move his seat there.  Wiccan rituals aplenty, which where far more enjoyable then the masses he needed to attend before.

However, his previous ruler, Vortigern, didn`t see it that way, and was spreading words of insult about Clustfeinad, how he had been bewitched and sold his soul to the devil.  And as such, a raid was launched upon the lands of his former lord...

Okay, so that was the fluff, the real reason was that I took over the lands of a player who dropped out instead as the campaign wasn`t to far in.  And that player had a raid planned against my former lord, so so be it, I would take over that fight.

When I looked at the forces for a Village raid I had to do, I knew I had at best a chance to force a draw.  Not only was my target the furthest it could be, he had hired a band of Saxons and a group of raiders as mercenaries, making it so that I would face an Elites regiment for each of my Levy, and was outnumbered an additional Warrior band as well.  Those odds are sheer impossible to scale, so my only hope was to get looting asap and hopefully escape more or less intact.

My forces moved two moves forwards, the third free move cancelled by my opponent having a watchtower.  He also send his vanguard, consisting of his Lord and elites, to try and intercept my troops.

My main force turned to face the deployment of the enemy, in order to try and hold them up in combat.

Raiders storm forward towards my line.

Soon the mighty Saxon troupe is engaged with my Warriors and Levy troops, a combat I am glad I survived for a single turn to buy more time.

My mostly Levy formed regiment moves to intercept the troops hunting my elites and Lord who are looting the village.

Even though they manage to do this, they are soon thrown back by the better classed forces, shattering my hopes of any victory and lowering my Morale to dangerous levels.

Clustfeinad and his Elites do manage to obtain a heap of gold, now I need to ransack a second house and get off the table... and pray for a miracle that my regiments, or what was left of them, would hold on just a bit longer.

Unfortunatly they don`t, and as my Morale drops to 0, my hopes are dashed and a heavy defeat is my fate.

I lost with a score of 7, resulting in Heavy casualties and making my Levy unavailable in the campaign for the coming three months.  That means I`m going to be forced to hire mercenary troops to have some sort of battle force on the table in the nearby future, and an excuse to paint up some more varied troops as well hehehe.

vrijdag 22 september 2017

Dark Age Spearmen with Shield

I haven`t gotten much paintwork in the past week, as I chose to spend some very good quality time with the girlfriend, but in between I did manage to paint a small unit.

And it was with a deadline, as I varnished them this morning, and they have to be on the battlefield tonight...

A rather basic and multipurpose unit, these are 6 plastic Gripping Beast warriors, armed with a spear and protected by a shield.  They will serve in Dux as a Levy unit, until one gets upgraded to Warrior status, in which case that will be them.

And they`ll be expanded over time with two additional models for starters, to make them SAGA ready as well...

And now, let`s pack them up so they are ready to fight for glory and honour this evening!

woensdag 20 september 2017

En route to becoming the Dux

Okay, just kidding, but suddenly I find myself in a bigger territory area in the TSA Dux Campaign.

Well, it`s not because of good gaming or big victories, as I`ll be going to battle for the first time in the campaign coming friday.

What happened is that one of the players that co-controlled the green area of the map, had to drop out of the campaign.  But as he had a fairly large region to protect, it couldn`t just been given to the other player, as that would make it to big a commitment, requiring almost weekly games and more.

So enter that quiet little province of Glouvia in the red area, the one without even a big town on it, aka me.  The campaignmaster asked if I would "take over" the green zones, and my province would be as such absorbed into the Powys area of my former liege Glenn.

Okay, I don`t mind, and a free Watchtower as compensation is always handy.  All I got to do now is adapt the paperwork a bit friday with the CM, and ironically slap around Glenn as that was the planned Raid of the previous green player. 

That`s going to give a nice story for the aar, no matter what the outcome...

zaterdag 16 september 2017

BatRep: 800 points Emperor's Children versus Death Guard

So it was the evening at last, after 8 years and 3 editions, I returned to the battlefields of Warhammer 40.000 and would be facing of Nemesis and his Death Guard.

Now, the 800 was basically what I had painted already, and to be honest, I didn`t feel comfortable with my force... and I would be proven so right.

The units I had where mostly close combat orientated, and if there is one thing I always shunned away from in games, it`s the going up close and personal.  I`m a ranged player, but let`s make do with what we have.
I fielded an Exalted Champion, a Sorcerer, a Marine Squad with Heavy Bolter and Plasma Gun, a Cultist squad with flamer, a Rapier Quad Bolter, a unit of Possessed, a unit of Warp talons and a Spawn.

Facing me was Typhus himself, a Sorcerer, a squad of Death guard, two units of Poxwalkers and a Blight Drone.  And by Slaanesh, I developped a big hatred for that last guy.

I knew the odds where against me in that I was facing T5 guys, with a 5+ ignore wound special rule on top of their save.  High S guns where limited in my force, and as I had to rush in after deployment, my plan was basically to quickly rip the Drone to shreds, then try and swamp the marines and hope to hold out until turn 5 of the Ancient Relic scenario.

First blood went to the Emperor`s Children, with the Marines taking down 2 Poxwalkers, while the Rapier rattled a single Death Guard to pieces.  A good start for some long range firepower, but boy was I`m going to see it slide downhill.

That accursed Blight Drone nailed the Spawn before it had any chance to do anything.  Oh well, I din`t have high hopes anyways for this point filler model anyways.

In turn 2, the Talons appeared 9 inch from his Sorcerer, and charged in a mighty eleven, ripping the caster to bits.  The Children had the upperhand at this moment, but little did I know this was actually the final success in the battle.

Losing one due to Overwatch, the 4 Possessed charged the Drone.  Managing to make 4 attacks, missing with 3, and not wounding.  And of course I forgot to use the ability of the Exalted Champion nearby, and their additional ignore wound psychic power benefit...

The drone duly flew off and blasted two of the Possessed apart...

My Marines and Cultists threw themselves unto the Death Guard, and the Marines over the course of several turns of battle failed to do anything but die.  The Cultists ironically accounted in the end for 4 of the plagued servants of Nurgle.  Yes, the s3 Cultists... not the S8 Power fist, which did nothing in all rounds (and I didn`t know you could fire pistols in CC, that`s one wasted plasma pistol, but heck, it`s a first timer and it`s to learn).

Meanwhile, the Drone turns to my Exalted Champion, and out of the blue, I`m down my general... 6 hits, 4 wounds, 4 failed saves... and vengeance for the melta hit on the Drone is extracted.

Typhus and the Poxwalkers join in the fray at the building, putting even more pressure on the Marine squad.

The Sorcerer and the Possessed throw themselves on the drone... and miss with everything.  So flies the drone again, and one salvo later my Sorcerer is off to the Warp to meet his master.

Consolidating around the objective, the Possessed charge the Drone yet again, and again one falls to the machines Overwatch.  But at last, the beast is killed.

Of course, it explodes spectacularly, leaving me with one Cultist and one wounded Possessed on the board... so the last turn wasn`t even played anymore as I threw in the towel.  I also had the Rapier still around, but he couldn`t do much as everything was locked in combat in the center.

So what did I learn?

1. Read the rulebook
2. Possessed are relegated to the far back of the closet.  I don`t like close combat all that much, and they are just not my cup of tea.  The Rapier on the other hand impressed me, and I`m painting up the remaining two as soon as they arrive for a full battery around which I`ll be building my future armies.
3. Lousy dice rolls don`t help, but neither does forgetting using your psychic skill protection or character attributes.  Let`s call it beginner's mistakes.

So now it`s time to overhaul the force a bit, and in about a month I will challenge for my rematch, at 1000 points this time, and without those frakkin Possessed xD