zondag 19 november 2017

The Haul report 108: freebie week

Well, these are the cool weeks, where you get a load of stuff for an absolute price of 0.

So let's have a little look then...

The first things I grabbed where some free promo items at last weeks tattoo conventions.  The black stickers are going on my transport case, as is the anime magnet lady.  They also had Iphone covers for free, but as I don`t have an iphone...

The second piece of goodies was a gift from Patrick at TSA.  he had some Chaos bits still lying around in his bits box and asked if I wanted them.  Of course I did, but then he came along with this huge bag.

I`m still clipping and sorting, but it has a heap of Seekers of Slaanesh in it, as well as about 20 odd cultists and a dozen marines for starters. Thanks again mate.

Well, a good week as such and very budget friendly x-D

zaterdag 18 november 2017

Emperor's Children vs Space Wolves: 500 points battlereport

In another firday evening at TSA, my Drag Queens took on the Space Puppies in a short and bloody 500 point game.

My opponent Vincent didn`t have that much time for a game, as he wanted to see Spectre being played, so asked for a shorty and of course I was fine with that.

So the 4 tile, 48 by 48 table was laid out, and we played "old school scenario": 12" from the side, and fight until we had a winner.

I managed to squeeze 36 models in my force, with the Exalted Champion, a small squad of Marines, a squad of Havocs, a blob of cultists and the "I actually hate them" Possessed.  But my plan was rather dirty.  Vincent is a recent returnee to the game, and I just knew he would be going after the Possessed who looks all big and scary, and ignore my main weapon: the cultist blob.

He fielded a gatling gun Razorback transporting his lord and 5 grey hunters, and a bike squad joined by a Runesmith with Smite and the cover save power.  I clearly had the big numerical advantage.

Vincent grabbed first turn and his force surged forward, though his firing was rather limited as only 5 cultists fell to the tanks heavy 12 salvo.

In my turn, the Possessed sneaked up to the Razorback and charged, miraculously surviving the Overwatch.

In turn two he withdrew the Razorback from combat and popped it`s smoke launchers and having disembarked it`s passengers, while the bikes charged into the cultists.  The Runesmith however failed his roll and was stuck in the open.

Possessed fell before being charged, but held on none the less, while the bikes vs Cultists turned into a bloodfest.  However, the sheer number of fanatics overwhelmed some of the biker boys.

In the next turn, my Exalted Champion went to the other combat and charged in.  Here the strength of the Emperor's Children legion trait really shined, as the bikes where overwhelmed by the first hitting Cultists, while the champion slaughtered three hunters.  The Marines and the Runesmith remained locked in combat though...

The Runesmith then Smited the two remaining marines, and charged into the final remaining three cultists who had taken serious damage from the tank and the bikes shooting phase.  He smashed down the remainder of the unit, but this left him open right in front of the Havocs.

In a duel of leaders, the Exalted cut down the leader of the wolves, but they remained locked in combat as one grey hunter survived against a one wound remaining Possessed.

Predictably, my Havocs literally boiled the Runesmith, who at this point had a single remaining wound, to plasmagoric death. 

My champion turned the remaining Hunter to a bloody collection of unidentifiable body parts (Death to the False Emperor!) and together with the Possessed consolidated to the Razorback, his only remaining model.

Realising he couldn`t run around and take shots as that would mean that either my Champion, or the Havocs would eventually get him, Vincent conceded defeat and the Space Wolves patrol was no more...

A short, bloody and great fun battle, and for me the unit of the match where the Cultists who once more went above and beyond the call of duty...

vrijdag 17 november 2017

On the Painting Desk 21

The newest friday video of the stuff currently on my workbench.

The secret project has been finished, so expect that one probably tuesday or wednesday to appear.

Other things that will be finished hopefully this week are the Romans, and I`m going to tackle the Freebooter demon summoning lady.  Apart from that, I`m going to be assembling a heap of kits, and HOPE to get some Raptors done for a game next friday as well...

Until the next episode!

donderdag 16 november 2017

The decision is made: the Lion

Call it nostalgia.  Call it melancholy.  Call it a blast from the past...

A few weeks ago, I did a piece on which would become my second force, with the main contenders being the Alpha Legion, whom I would make with all "Loyalist" models, or my first 40k force ever, the Dark Angels.

So I pondered over it for a few weeks, and did paintscheme test models for all of them (the Dark Angels one I`ll upload once it`s full unit has been done), weighted the pro's and contra's, and did some number crunching.

Rumours are abound that most Primarch's will reappear anyway, so that wasn`t an item on the list.

But in the sheer end, when I was looking earlier at the boxes of loyalist models I got last week, I needed to make the decision as I`ll start assembling them soon.  The Word Bearers, whom I wanted to do with Tzeentch demon support, quickly fell off.  It`s best to combine my Chaos models in a big force then a heap of splintered forces, big battles and such on the horizon in may.  So that paint scheme model will be recycled in a pink colour scheme.

That left me with the "what to do" with the loyalists.  Either I could create a second force of Chaos Marines, different models but the same rules and tactics as my main army of Emperor's Children. OR I could go the loyalist way all out and take a loyalist chapter.  And that would of course be that army i fielded in 3rd edition, the Dark Angels.  In a time when they where by far the least popular...

Now, the decision was made as I looked at the boxes of Devastators I have here, and the fact I wouldn`t be able to incorporate the plasmacannons into a Chaos force, as Havocs don`t have those.  It would be a shame not to use those, and the loyalists would give me some access to other troop types like speeders, attack bikes, and razorbacks for one.

So I cut the knot today, and it`ll be the Unforgiven that will be rising in my cabinets once again, albeit at a slow rate...

Ancient Aliens season 1

"Triggered" by the book Chariots of the Gods by Eric Von Daniken, Ancient Aliens is a series on History, now over 10 seasons long, giving a voice to the ancient astronauts stretch of thinking.

This path of science investigates if aliens visited Earth thousands of years ago, and influenced our culture and society.

Yes, I`m a believer.  The series is made with the help of authors and scientists in all sorts of fields, who discuss the fact why the pyramids in Egypt, the holes of the Hobi, the Money Pit on Oak Island etc are all, or could be all, connected to each other.  And the strange fact that so many ancient structures line up perfectly with the constellation Orion.

It`s fascinating to see how certain old artifacts, like the "birds" from Colombia, or various ancient scriptures hint or suggest the arrival of men from the skies on flying machines.  And how it might effect the current day world should they return.  let alone the fact that modern construction wouldn`t even be able to recreate some of those monuments...

Oh, and it has the meme-king in it...

Future War Commander Emperor's Children infantry

Probably the only thing I`ll get finished this week though, I completed a heap of 6mm infantry to boost the ranks of my Emperor's Children in FWC.

And while they are the basic Marine variant, this does seriously bulk out the force for one.

Counting 7 stands, including one with a standard bearer for no other reason then that it looked cool, these are once again the basic Epic range space marines, painted in pink and black. 

In the near future, I`ll probably paint some up as well in the pre-heresy scheme, but I have to sort through the pile to see how many stands I can still scrounge together for that, something I`ll be doing maybe this afternoon or so.

Now to get a game in sometime...

woensdag 15 november 2017


The latest series of the Marvel-verse, Inhumans was born under a bad constellation.

Initially planned as a theatre movie, they went to 8 episode series, and the critics at the premiere screening where, how shall we put this politely, "underwhelmed".

The series follows the rise of Maximus, a member of the royal family whose Terragenesis resulted in him becoming a normal human, and as such less then the others in many eyes.  He stages a coup to overthrow Black Bolt and his family and they have to flee to Hawaii.

Being forced to make contact with humanity, for which they have hidden for a long time by migrating to the moon, they are hunted by Maximus's followers in order to be executed.  Maximus on the other hand puts the whole of Attilan to his hand by eliminating threads to his rule, like the Genetic Council.

While Black Bolt and his family struggle to get back together and unite against the evil usurper, the race is on to prevent Maximus from getting Black Bolt's DNA and go through Terragenesis again to gain powers of his own at last.

Okay, so the story isn`t that halfbaked actually, and Iwan Rheon (best known as Ramsey Bolton) does a great Maximus in the series, but I`m apart that is indeed about it that was positive about the series.  Oh, and Lockjaw.

It`s acting is not up there with a lot of the other series, and the character development was rather poor, especially with the main characters, as the secondaries all get a "what drives them" episode in a way.  Gorgon, Karnack, Crystal... all get their chance to shine (and in two of the three, fail miserably, but that`s something else).

Nope, not a good series at all, and while the ending gives hints of possible sequels, and the Inhumans are rumoured to appear in Agents of SHIELD, I doubt we will see them again in their own series.

This was a "poor man's X-Men efforts" by Marvel...